In order to have full internet access, MHS requires the installation of one of the following certificates.   Failure to install a certificate will effectively result in the blocking of secured web pages.   

Please choose the certificate option below that best suits your device and install it before leaving this page.  
** Installation will often prompt you to name the certificate.  This is not specific but rather is for your reference later. 
** We suggest naming the certificate "MHS". 

--Automatic Installer (Requires .Net)
--Automatic Installer (Batch File.  Requires unzipping)
--Raw Certificate (Must be installed on "Local Machine" manually)

--Automatic Installer (Contains .app file.  Requires unzipping)
--Automatic Installer (Contains .command file.  Requires unzipping)
--Raw Certificate 

--Raw Certificate 

--Raw Certificate 

--Raw Certificate